kurumi gray

The Asian cooking vixen I've been dreaming of meeting! I'm so glad she's decided to join me in Chicago for some steamy times in the kitchen and beyond.


I was drawn to Gia’s cheeriness and enthusiasm for the world around her! Together we’re an exotic Asian dynamo with a love of design and food, and we can’t wait to welcome a friend who shares our passions!

Amnesia effect

Amnesia and I are both birds of a same feather you may say. We share a love of roleplay and the arts, and together we'll be creating our own masterpieces together.


Gypsy's love of salsa dancing and kink make us two peas in a pod. Her grace on the dance floor is breathtaking, but nothing compared to her grace and imagination in the bedroom. Meet both of us and learn why dancers are better in bed.


Daffine blew me away with her easy going nature and her wit. Of course, this goes without mention her long legs and her beautiful eyes dazzled me too. Come with us for a night of fast conversations and slow sensuality.


Truly the provocative playmate Chicago deserves. We bring our highly creative and intuitive personalities to our love of roleplay. She is the Guy Bourdin to my Martha Roseler. Book us together for an art lesson you’ll never forget.


Jasmine Praveena

Adventurous muse, whimsical disciplinarian. I am in love with Jasmine's joyful and playful approach to kink and companionship. Her curves, compassion, and of course, her great taste in books has made her one of my favorite people in this world of pleasure.

arden wu

Arden Wu and Josie Qu. Besides our rhyming names and a love of exploration, Arden Wu is my go-to for expanding my musical and sensual appetites. As you could imagine, how could a date with Canada's finest Asian DJ and the US's finest Asian chef end up with anything but lasting memories?

Lena Duvall.jpg


Lena seduced me over brunch on early Sunday in June. Her stylish earrings, her hourglass curves, and her stories could have kept me entertained for hours, but alas, she had a flight to catch. Help us extend our date next time we're together.

ivy spring

Ivy Spring is my favorite friend to explore a new city with. She doesn't balk at going to places unheard of and trying new foods. I can always count on her to take me places off the beaten path. Her approach to our dates is so refreshing and full of experimentation and enthusiasm that I can't wait to see her in each city. So join us for a date off the beaten path.

Rose gibson

"If you're looking for the perfect culture guide, look no further -- Rose's know-how combines with her wit, her curves and a sweet smile to make for rapturous company. They may say that three's a crowd, but bring us together for a museum date, or some artist-muse/s roleplay and you're in for an unforgettable experience.

Juicy jolene

A ray of sunshine from the South, an artsy companion to match Josie Qu, and a pop culture maven, we'll be perfect company between the sheets, or cracking jokes at a restaurant .

inari popcorn

She's the sexy librarian I've dreamed of leading me to the back of the bookstacks for some individualized attention. Inari's fiery red hair, kindness, quick wit, and wild curves stunned me and I'm so happy we have the opportunity to do duos while we're in DC together.


Eva is the intellectual who's always on my invite list to my dinner parties.

Sly wit, compassionate, and an appetite that extends beyond the dinner table. Run your fingers down our spines and learn about the stories we've shared.

Leana Lane

There are few things Leana enjoys and cherishes more than human connection. Known for her charming personality, sharp intellect, and adventurous spirit, Leana’s empathic presence will set you at ease, while her quick wit will keep you laughing and engaged. Always playful, Leana is skilled in the realms of vanilla, kink, Tantra, and much more. You will find her to be open-minded and non-judgmental, dynamic and capable.


scarlett beaufort of new zealand

She's the exotic Antipodean beauty of our dreams. I was seduced by her genuine nature, her soft natural curves, and love of art. Sail away in a rose colored dream with us together.

rebeccaa of singapore

Rebecca is warm, frank, and hilarious as hell. Her sharp insights and jokes have kept me awake during many an all-nighter for school. However, this time, our all-nighter won't be just for academic purposes ;)

pearl love lee

Pearl has always captured my heart with her uninhibited approach to sexuality and her wonderful taste in books and film. I can't wait to be reunited with her over dinner with you and explore more of our commonalities (hint, it involves dirty talk and roleplay)

Nicolette Bond

An European flame after my own heart. She is well versed in style, art, and of course, the erotic. Someone be a dear and gift me a date with Nicolette a muse so fine even Marlene Dietrich can't hold a candle to.