Two is trouble, the most delicious kind of trouble.  

These beautiful people are all lovers of Josie's. Beautiful, graceful, artistic, alluring. We look equally good with our legs tangled in sweaty sheets as well as heels clicking in sync, towards our dinner reservation at our favorite restaurant in town. So take a chance my discerning friend and treat yourself to something twice as nice... or naughty this weekend. 



I'm grateful I have the pleasure of Oni's friendship. We both have insatiable minds, devouring every book we've encountered, and our approach to the erotic is no different. We are thoughtful and creative, and with us two, we are unstoppable dynamo of brains and beauty. 


Daffine blew me away with her easy going nature and her wit. Of course, this goes without mention her long legs and her beautiful eyes dazzled me too. Come with us for a night of fast conversations and slow sensuality. 



Has your body and heart been aching for someone with a coquettish laugh, a kindness beyond compare, and ass-ets that would stun? Jolene is the woman you seek. A ray of sunshine from the South, an artsy companion to match Josie Qu, and a pop culture maven, we'll be perfect company between the sheets, or cracking jokes at a restaurant . 




Gypsy's love of salsa dancing and kink make us two peas in a pod. Her grace on the dance floor is breathtaking, but nothing compared to her grace and imagination in the bedroom. Meet both of us and learn why dancers are better in bed. 

Ava London is mint in my mojito, the fish to my chips. We have spent many an evening exploring Chicago together, from dive bar pool tournaments to cocktails on hotel roof tops and of course, each other. So join us on our next adventure.

Cassy and I are both birds of a same feather you may say. With a love of roleplay and the arts, between us, we'll be creating our own masterpieces together. 

From East Coast to West Coast to sweet Canada


East Coast and West Coast

Eva is the intellectual who's always on my invite list to my dinner parties.

Sly wit, compassionate,  and an appetite that extends beyond the dinner table. Run your fingers down our spines and learn about the stories we've shared. 


NYC based

Nico and I are artistic and sensual cohorts. Sharing a love of photography, wine, and the erotic, it is unsurprising I make the trip to NYC so often. And if you like a little bit of kick with your after dinner tea, just know, we both are enthusiastic and sensual kinksters. So I'll set the table, Nico will bring the wine, and you can just bring yourself.


Los Angeles and Orange County

Ivy Spring is my favorite friend to explore a new city with. She doesn't balk at going to places unheard of and trying new foods. I can always count on her to take me places off the beaten path. Her approach to our dates is so refreshing and full of experimentation and enthusiasm that I can't wait to see her in each city. So join us for a date off the beaten path. 

Eden Rae
Pearl Love Lee.jpg
London James.jpg

Available in SF Oct 2-6, DC Oct 16-17 for duos

Eden Rae's adventurous and down to earth spirit makes me happy to call her my friend. She is sharp, thoughtful, and joyful from the beach to the bedroom. With us as your California girls on your arm, you'll be happy to call us your playmates and friends. 

SF, Berlin, and Toronto

Pearl has always captured my heart with her uninhibited approach to sexuality and her wonderful taste in books and film. I can't wait to be reunited with her over dinner with you and explore more of our commonalities (hint, it involves dirty talk and roleplay)

Available for duos in NYC Oct 23-26

London James has ensnared me with her fiery intellect and her equally fiery curves. I am so happy that we are finally in NYC together to explore bookstores, coffeeshops, and of course, you. We save the best for last, so meet us for a night and morning of conversations and chemistry that'll have you dreaming for days. 

Arden Wu.jpg


Canada and beyond

Arden Wu and Josie Qu. Besides our rhyming names and a love of exploration, Arden Wu is my go-to for expanding my musical and sensual appetites. As you could imagine, how could a date with Canada's finest Asian DJ and the US's finest Asian chef end up with anything but lasting memories?


Lena Duvall.jpg



Lena seduced me over brunch on early Sunday in June. Her stylish earrings,  her hourglass curves, and her stories could have kept me entertained for hours, but alas, she had a flight to catch. Help us extend our date next time we're together. 

Rosie Wilde.jpg


New York

Have you dreamt of strolling hand in hand with two of New York's most stylist museum muses? She's an Edward Gorey maiden come to life complete with the dark humor, eccentricities, and sharp wit. I am an art history master's student with a love of Matisse's bright colors with a bold personality. Together, we'll keep you entranced from day to night. 


Arisa Reyes.JPG



I met Arisa one chilly Chicago spring night, but she brought summer time into the room with her warm personality, love of life, and of course her long toned legs. Let us show you around our favorite restaurants and then we'll show you our favorite dessert. 

Ashley Adeline.JPG


Upstate New York and New England

Ashley Adeline's curvy thighs and warm nature seduced me over Twitter and I have never been the same since. Her love of traveling and sports has always made it fun to talk to her, not to mention her natural sensuality. Meet us both on the east coast, It would be my delight to cook and be the main entree for the guests.