*Due to my busy life between research and work all appointments over 4 hrs require a 25% deposit.

*Should you need to cancel our appointment within 72 hours and you have a deposit, I will hold onto your deposit to the next rescheduled appointment.

*Should you need to cancel our appointment within 72 hours and you do not have an deposit, you will need to provide a 25% deposit for our rescheduled appointment within 24 hours. 

*Should you forget your manners and cancel our appointment within 24 hours, you will forfeit your deposit and owe me my remaining consideration (75% of my booking rate).

*If you cancel an appointment within 24 hours and there was no deposit, you owe me 100% of my booking rate.

*If you cut the date short due to unanticipated circumstances, my full rate still applies. (E.g., you booked a six hour date, but had to leave after three hours, my six hour rate still applies.)

*If I must cancel due to illness or unforeseeable circumstances and it was a longer booking, I will refund your deposit. If you kindly allow me to hold onto the deposit, I will provide you some fine home baking, even finer wine, or even some extended time.


While I do find the review system to be rife with issues (after all, what might be someone's 10, maybe someone's 5), I do acknowledge that the review system has brought me wonderful lovers and friends to my door. I have a number of glowing testimonials available for your leisurely perusal here.


Think boardroom professionalism, but Vogue cover ready. For social outings, my closet is equipped with tasteful silk dresses, fur trimmed coats, chic denim jeans, light cotton dress-shirts, to everything in between. I tend to wear a low to high heel, glasses, and wear light perfume and makeup (I can go without perfume upon request).

*Let me know advance if you have any special outfit requests for our date and I will do my best to accommodate your request.


On the morning of the date, I will send out an email confirming the general location of my incall, cancellation policies, and general etiquette. Please arrive with your mouth, body, and mind fresh. If you did not have enough time to shower and freshen your breath, feel free to use the toiletries at my incall.


I am happy to give out references to returning clients up to 8 months. After 8 months, I am uncomfortable giving out references because I can no longer accurately vouch for your behavior during appointments.

Just give me a heads up when I'm about to receive a reference request so I know to be on the look out. I pride myself on a well organized inbox, but sometimes, emails still slip through the cracks.


For overnights, please allow your sleeping beauty at least 7 hours of sleep and a meeting with her toothbrush and face wash prior to any morning naughtiness.









I have set up my screening process so I feel completely safe and comfortable meeting my new lovers and friends. My screening process is non negotiable. I do not accept any P411 okays and TER whitelists. Two recent references from reputable providers do not excuse you from providing me the entirety of your screening information.

Least to say, I do not feel safe with any potential lovers and friends who do not share their full legal name with me.  I also reserve the right to ask for additional screening information on a case to case basis.

Couples will need to submit BOTH parties' screening information for me to feel fully safe and comfortable seeing you.


New to the world of pleasure?  I am so glad you sought me out of the beautiful people in this world of ours. I am happy to see you as long as you can provide adequate employment screening.

I am happy to see clients of all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, sizes, and ages (as long as you are over 21+).


My motto as Josie Qu is "safe, consensual and sane". Hence, I do not engage in any risky sexual behavior that will put my health and well-being in danger. Any requests for risky behavior will not be tolerated.

If I find you to be under the influence (drugs, alcohol, etc.) during the appointment I will terminate the appointment immediately, and not issue a refund.


Incalls: I host in an upscale residence in Gold Coast and upscale hotels around the Millennium Mile. Wheelchair accessible accommodations can be booked with a 24 hour notice. 

Outcalls: I can travel to your hotel, but there will be a 1.5 hr minimum. There will be an additional $50 fee and deposit for O'Hare outcalls. All suburban outcalls will be charged an extra $100 travel and deposit fee.

I am happy to travel to your residence once you have become an established friend and lover (2+ meetings).

Please place my consideration on the table within the first 5 minutes of our meeting. For social meetings, place the consideration discreetly inside a giftbag or your favorite book. If you want to go above and beyond, feel free to slip it inside something from my wish list.


All dates 3 hours and over require some coffee, tea, or cocktails to keep me refreshed and agile.

All dates 4 hrs and over require social time.

Thankfully, I have a variety of hobbies and interests that extend beyond cooking and writing essays about the Japanese Avant-Garde. I love Latin dance lessons, attending jazz concerts, going to a variety of museums (Field Museum anyone?), exploring Illinois' variety of state parks, movie dates, bookstore dates, and more.


Your favorite naked chef too far away from you? Do not fret, I can come passport ready and lingerie-clad to your door. I am available for fly me to you's for a minimum of 4 hrs for domestic travel and 24 hrs for international travel. Booking rates for fly me to you's are not inclusive of round trip business class flight tickets and accommodation.

Fly me to you's for domestic travel require a minimum two week notice and international travel a minimum one month notice. Please be prepared to have three references and employment verification for fly me to you's. 50% deposit is due at the time of the booking.