"Where do you want to go?

Doesn't matter, wherever you want to take me." 



A current lover who misses my exuberant smile as our legs intertwine in tangled sheets, my rapier wit over a glass of Chardonnay, and the scent of my skin as you lean close to stroke my perfumed curves.

A future lover who wants to stay close to your lady love, a reminder of the passionate affair we'll have, and a small sample of the joy, sensuality, and compassion I'll bring into your life. 

Then let me appear in your mailbox in a blink of an eye bearing two perfumed polaroids, a pressed flower, a few mango candies, and a short sweet note sealed with a kiss addressed to you and you only. 

WARNING: Not responsible for any dropped jaws, weak knees, or stopped hearts at work, at home, at the office, at the golf course....

Consideration: $20 for domestic US orders payable via PO Box, inquire via email for extra shipping consideration for international orders. Notes will not be shipped until consideration received. 

Notes will delivered in a discreet white envelope under a pseudonym to avoid any complications.

Uncomfortable sending your information via my form, then just send me your name, address, and any special information you want me to include to meetjosiequ@gmail.com