Autumn is warmer with Josie Qu by your side

New York: oct 24-25

DC: nov 6-8-

for DC lovers: offering duos with miss eden rae.

for nyc lovers: offering limited duos with London James, rosie wilde, ivy spring, ashley adeline and Nico page


It all started with...

Dreams of romantic New York autumn afternoons, holding hands Central Park, book from the Strand in one hand, fresh beef noodle soup from Mott St. in another. You, opening a bottle of red wine for us to share, and kissing my neck

DC: Flirtatious sweater dresses and roaming minds in the National Gallery. I'll teach you a few things about art and other things beyond the canvas. 

Make this Asian art vixen's dreams of lazy East Coast fall afternoons come true. The world wouldn't mind if you disappeared for a few hours :)


*All pre-bookings for tour must include a 40% deposit. Please inquire via email for deposit coordination.

* Touring consideration is listed on my considerations page

*I understand life happens and you may have to reschedule. I will hold onto your deposit to my next tour. You have my word and my professional reputation that I will swing by your city again.