An Illustrated Interview with Josie Qu

Interviewed and illustrated by Josie Qu. 


What do you look like?

A 90's Hong Kong art historian with hearts to melt and books to read.


Who did you want to be when you were growing up?

An international secret agent like Carmen San Diego. Instead, I'm now an escort who loves the color red and has a great roundhouse kick. Tomato, tomato.


What is your breakfast of champions?

Chinese breakfast rice porridge with preserved egg and pork, topped with shredded ginger, scallions, and roasted peanuts. 


What frightens you?

The NYT article about the scores of Japanese elderly dying alone.  


What do you wear at home?

Nothing or everything. Just be glad I didn't draw myself in my puffer coat huddled by my space heater.


Who's genius do you revere?

Ren Hang. Beyond his provocative images, it is inspiring to me, a bisexual Chinese woman, that he existed as an openly gay man in China when gayness and, least to say, transness is criminalized. 


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Read fiction and non-fiction, drink semi dry red wine, and go to boxing classes. All at once, of course 


What's your best Jeopardy category?

World History. 


What makes you cry?

Films or books about relationships. To name a few: Derek Tsang's  Soulmates, Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, Min Jin Lee's Pachinko. 

Illustrated with sharpie, copic, and prismacolor markers. 

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